Now creating page it‘s easy as drag & drop

Content Builder is a WordPress Plugin which lets you feel free to create any page layout that you can imagine, and it is simple as drag & drop. Plugin will improve your website functionality and save your time with content managing.

  • Heading

    Five heading sizes allows you to define various content parts.

  • Rich Text Editor

    Gives you possibility to make text much more attractive.

  • Divider

    Helps to separate different content parts.

  • Image

    Images can be uploaded or selected with native WordPress media window. If sizes are changed, material will be resized automatically.

  • Video

    No more difficulties with embed codes. All you need is to know YOUTUBE or VIMEO address.

  • Google Map

    It will take a few minutes to apply Google Map on your site. All you need to know is address or coordinates.

  • Layout

    Five different layout combinations let you fully combine your content. With only one click you are able to choose layout which is best for you.

  • Tab

    If long content is planned, there is a possibility to use TAB widget, which helps you to save space on the page.

  • Gallery

    Image Gallery can be created easily by just adding pictures you want. Widget will resize and create thumbnails automatically.


  1. WordPress at least 3.4
  2. PHP at least 5.2 with GD library (image optimization)


  1. Upload the `content-builder` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Got to `Options`, `Content Builder` to set it up


Bootstrap framework is used for theme and backend. If you wish to change colors, font's and other css setting's you need to edit: content-builder/theme/theme.css all changes will be instantly loaded in theme and backend.

Content Builder frontend & backend is designed width Object Oriented technique. So it is easy to edit and extend plugin with your own widgets

Used Libraries

This plugin is created by a professional web design & development studio named "INDIGO KIDS". Team member's are working with creating websites over 10 years and our experience allow us to suggest you one of the best content management tools.

Main idea is to create a content management tool which improve your content with nice and functional widgets without any specific knowledge.

If you have any problem with our plugin, you could contact us directly via email (, by sending your page address and login details;